Hey folks!

Firstly, what a terrific first week of our Spring Term 1! It’s absolutely brilliant having you all back on board, it’s been such a pleasure. Hope you’re enjoying the term as much as I am, I’m loving being back.

After about an hour of counting Votes cast by you all for our Spring Term 1 Admin Team, the results are in!! Firstly, this group of people are here to encourage, answer your questions and provide information. We will run Votes in Spring Term 2 all over again, so keep up all the work online!

Our Spring Term 1 Admin Team consists of:

1) Colleen English
2) Rachel Clancy
3) Maureen Smith
4) Janet-Lynne Saunders
5) Ashton Porter

So many votes and people fell short by only 1 or 2. Congrats to those chosen by you, however this is NOT an eletist  group! These are a group of people chosen by YOU to represent CKonLine moving forward for the next 4 weeks.

There will be one place on our Spring Term 2 Admin Team on the basis of how busy they have been on our social media pages 😉

Thanks again guys,



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