Contest #1 – yes, there will be more to follow!! Design a CKonLine Bumper Sticker and potentially have it chosen to be sold from our Store!!!

CREATE A ?#‎CKonLINE? Bumper Sticker to promote the website/FB page/ classes

You can submit here, our Facebook page, Instagram or on Twitter: @info_ckonline

Monday next, 5 designs will be chosen and sent out to you, the CKonLine family, so you can help choose the winning design!!

Cannot wait to see what you talented folks come up with!!

The rules are simple:

1) Anyone can partake
2) You’ve got a week to design your own Bumper Sticker
3) You must have in the design
4) Deadline: Monday 7th March 2016

Good luck 😉

#CKonLine #‎LearningTheWayItShouldBe #AgFoghlaimMarIsCóir

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